This Festival is the celebration of the word while creative unit, vehicle of thought and creation. The Festival takes place at Cais do Sodré (axis of the Street of São Paulo), between 2 and July 5, 2015 and is an open invitation to participation, transdisciplinarity, innovation, experimentation and creation.

During four days, the Festival offers the Silence Lisbon thought programming in conjunction with a variety of artists, producers, creation, dissemination and structures of social and cultural institutions, local, national and international.

The Festival is cinema, concerts, talks, performances, exhibitions, fairs, workshops and speeches. It’s on the street, on the façades, in galleries, in cafes, in clubs, at the Museum, in the square.

The Festival is the word spoken, written, designed, staged, sung, set to music, filmed and illustrated. Is an invitation to the city of Lisbon, is of all and for all.


1. To celebrate the Word as a unit of creation and knowledge and promote transdisciplinarity, with a clear bet on reflection, research, experimentation and artistic innovation, facilitating the creation of new ideas and their implementation through collaboration and active cultural participation.

2. Ensure a diverse and inclusive programming that promotes closeness and dialogue between audiences, artists, producers and cultural agents, fostering initiatives in which the public can have an active role in the construction and the creation of the Festival.

3. Develop and provide a model of community festival, stimulating new modes of cultural participation at the level of the neighborhood, contribute to the development of new dynamics of local proximity and promote a feeling of belonging, of community involvement and cultural solidarity.

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