international museum day

May 16 :: European Night of Museums

May 18 :: International Museum day

The European Night of Museums, created by the French Ministry of culture and communication, will take place on May 16.

About 70 Museums around the country are participating this year with about more than 400 very diversified activities. Only on the night of the Museums will perform more than 140 activities, providing attractive experiences, also outside the usual offering for allowing the public to experience the spaces in a different perspective, participating in activities purposefully organized for this environment and specific times.

On May 18 the museums and Palaces have free entry and on the night of the Museums, May 16, the museums and Palaces will be open free of charge from 06:00 pm.

In Principe Real, on May 16, the Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, will have a market and several activities till 8pm.

A special day and night, not to be missed!


More info here and here.